Video Wizard is Here to Help

Hey everyone,

I worked at Mixer for a little over one year as a Video Specialist. In this role I learned a lot about the way Mixer works, video and streaming in general. Previously, I was (and still technically am) a Twitch Affiliate where I created online content for Final Fantasy XIV.

I’m not actively streaming but I wanted to share all my knowledge with the Mixer community and with you!

This blog is for you if you are looking for technical information on how to get started streaming and even if you’re an experienced streamer or Partner!

The information I will present to you will have some cross over to other platforms like YouTube/Facebook Gaming/Twitch but I will be focusing on Mixer with specific tips and tricks for the platform.

We have a lot to get through from the basics of setting up your stream from the very beginning, to tweaking your stream settings to achieve optimal stream quality from hardware you already own/your current setup. I will also discuss hardware from your PC, to your Xbox, cameras, stream decks, capture cards, microphones and more!

Hopefully, I can continue to give to the community that I have loved and grown with over the last year.

These are the links to my channels.
Currently, they do not have any active content but thought I would provide them here.



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