Transitioning from Twitch to Mixer (Viewer) Part One

Note: You may be here because of the recent news of Ninja streaming to Mixer exclusively as of 08/02/2019. Welcome to Mixer, everyone!

If you are reading this page you may be someone who is curious about the differences and want to move your viewership to Mixer! Whatever your reasons are, I’ve laid out the differences here for your reference.

The Front Page / Landing Page

The front page is the very first thing you see when you visit any website. The Twitch and Mixer front pages are very different but do have similar content. You can see the drastic differences by checking out these two screenshots.




The Mixer front page throws a lot less at you than Twitch does. It’s extremely simplified and tries not to overwhelm you with options.

Both sites have the carousel, it’s where featured streamers show up on the front page, it’s referred to as the carousel because of the way it flips through featured streams in a circular animation. It’s a great start for finding featured content on either Twitch or Mixer.

On Twitch, you’ll be used to finding your followed live streams along the panel on the left side of the screen. On Mixer, you will find your followed channels by using the top navigation menu and clicking on “Following”. You’ll see all of your followed channels with the live ones displaying first; it looks like this:


Additionally, you may try to find new streamers or specific games when you’re on the front page.   You will be used to Twitch having the “Browse” section.  Your options include scrolling down on the main page to find several categories like:

  • Top Games
  • Following
  • Only On Mixer
  • Up and Coming
  • Top Streams

These categories should be self explanatory and you can find lots of great new content right from the front page.   However, the Only On Mixer category is unique.   It includes channels are are exclusive Mixer channels such as ChannelOne, LevelUpCast, HypeZones and more.


Followers & Subscribers

There are very little differences between Twitch and Mixer when it comes to followers and subscribers.   You still follow a channel by clicking the Follow button and still subscribe to a channel by clicking the Subscribe button.   You can gift a sub! The Subscribe $4.99 button will change to Gift a Sub if you are subscribed. If you’re not a subscriber and still want to gift a sub, you will find the option after you click the Subscribe button.

The only difference is one Mixer you do not have anything which equates to a free Twitch Prime sub and you can only sub for 1 month at a time for $4.99.

Bits = Embers.   This section is cut directly from the Mixer official blog when Embers launched at the beginning of Season 2.

Bits vs Embers

Embers are a virtual currency on Mixer that you can purchase and then spend on premium Skills, including animated Stickers and full-screen Effects. With these premium Skills, you can also add a custom message that will be prominently highlighted in chat, helping your message stand out within the Mixer community. For Mixer Partners, Embers provide new monetization opportunities by enabling a more direct form of patronage with bigger cash rewards.

Mixer –

To purchase Embers, just click the “Get Embers” button on the top of or hit the “Ember +” button in the Skill Tray on the Mixer mobile app or Xbox One app.

At the time of writing this article, Embers are for partnered streamers only unless a “Embers for All” promotion is running in which non-partnered streamers can earn money from Embers.  Unlike Twitch, where you can watch ads for Bits, there is not any other way to earn Embers other than purchasing.

Sparks & Experience Points

  • Sparks are a site wide currency on Mixer. You acquire Sparks by watching streams and streaming yourself. They can be used on things such as the interactive controls on streams.
  • EXP (experience points) are earned in the same way as Sparks. Once you get enough of EXP, you’ll level up your account to unlock new features and show your prestige to the world.

Private Messages

You should notice the lack of a private message option on Mixer.   There are whispers which you can chat to someone privately who is in the same channel as you by typing

/w @ <username> <message>

For example, if you wanted to send me a whisper which says “Hi Ara!”, you could type

/w @theVideoWizard Hi Ara!

Your whispers will be deleted once you leave the channel and are not saved anywhere on the Mixer servers.

This should be enough to get your started as a Viewer on the Mixer platform!  If you have any questions, you can use the comment section here, the contact form and the community is very friendly and will answer any of your questions in any channel you’re in.

Welcome to Mixer and happy viewing!

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