I’ve compiled a list of terms that you may see throughout the blog. You can use this guide as a quick reference card or if you’re a new streamer/viewer and want to get familiar with some of the language that surrounds the Mixer community.

Please note that some of these terms are global to all streaming websites (such as bitrate, chat, channel, etc) but some are specific to Mixer (such as Embers, Sparks, etc).

Bitrate: the number of bits per second that can be transmitted along a digital network.

Broadcasters, streamers: Users who broadcast their stream on their channel.

Channels: Channel pages are the home location for a broadcaster’s content (live video or VOD) and chat messages. Channels have a stream, store videos and clips, display information and status, and have a customized page including banners and backgrounds.

Chat: Real-time messages in a channel where users can interact with each other and the streamer while watching a stream. Whispers will display in the chat as italicized messages.

Community: A self defined group of viewers who all view the same channel. For example, all users who watch RawXTV are part of the ‘Rawesome Squad” community.

Download speed: the rate at which data is sent from a server/remote location to the users computer.

Emote: An emoji or emoticon that a user can use in chat. There are globally available emotes and channel-specific emotes (which can be accessed by any user subscribed to the channel).

Embers: Embers are Mixer’s form of paid currency, which can be purchased to access premium Skills and further support your favorite streamer.

FTL (Faster than Light): Mixer’s streaming protocol that allows for sub-second video latency when streaming. FTL enables streamers to interact with their viewers in real time, it’s specifically tailored towards streams that engage viewers with interactive controls.

HLS: HTTP Live Streaming, a live streaming communications protocol.

Stream: Live video broadcast. A stream has a broadcaster and is viewed on a channel.

Sparks: Mixer’s free currency. Acquired by watching streams and streaming yourself. They can be used on things like stickers or using the interactive controls (MixPlay) on streams.

Stickers: A skill/emojii to use in the chat of a broadcasters channel. Consumes sparks.

RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol): RTMP is a protocol, created by Macromedia and now owned by Adobe, that provides high-performance transmission of video, audio and data between encoder and server across the internet.

TCP (Transmission Control Protocol): TCP is a connect-oriented protocol, which means a connection is established and maintained until the application programs at each end have finished exchanging messages. 

Upload speed: the rate at which data is sent from the users computer to a server. In our case, it’ll be an ingest server.

UDP (User Datagram Protocol): UDP is a connectionless oriented protocol, which means no connection is confirmed before data is sent between the application program and the receiving program/server.

Viewer: A type of user (along with broadcaster). A viewer can follow or subscribe to channels.

VOD (Video on Demand) or Past Broadcast: Past broadcasts are created automatically from a live stream.

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