Transitioning from Twitch to Mixer (Viewer) Part Two

If you haven't already read Part One and you're brand new to Mixer, you may want to cycle back and check out Part One. Otherwise, read on. Mixer boasts one of the number one feature as Faster Than Light (FTL) where it means streaming a sub second delay between the viewer and streamer. While it … Continue reading Transitioning from Twitch to Mixer (Viewer) Part Two

Mixer FTL – What Is It?

Faster-Than-Light FTL stands for Faster-than-Light. It's Mixer's protocol for low latency streaming. Low latency streaming is when there is a millisecond delay between the streamer and his/her chat. You'll notice when you watch a stream on Mixer that you don't have to wait very long (if the streamer is looking and their chat XD ) … Continue reading Mixer FTL – What Is It?